Dance YYC


When: 6:40pm-6:50pm

As we pass through time and space, we leave imprints of ourselves. Do we dare strip away from stasis and embark into the unpredictable? At a physical distance, Cindy Ansah and Stephanie Jurkova-Abaco contemplate the confines of negative space and how to distort it – attuning to the most nuanced body parts and allowing impulses to reach the furthest expanse of the kinesphere. In collaboration with pianist Daniel Szefer and Alyssa Maturino bringing the work to life for the screen, the pair present Re:New, a multidisciplinary dance film that is at once gradual, gentle, violent, and chaotic. With a rich movement and musical language shared between performers, Re:New attempts to bridge our collective consciousness to the uncomfortable stillness that perpetual change disrupts.

Run time – 3 x 10-15 minute episodes
Rating – R

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