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Christahh Ahh

Instructor | Choreographer | Performer | Administrator

Contemporary | Hip Hop | Jazz | Certified C-I Training instructor

Additional Info: Founder/Executive, Dance YYC | Board of Directors, Dancer Studio West (DSW)

Social Media: @ahhfiddlesticks | @letsdanceyyc

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Born in Calgary, Christahh became captivated by the art of dance at a young age. She has studied a variety of dance
styles and is the recipient of scholarships from the Edmonton School of Ballet. She received a Bachelor of Arts
degree from the Dance Program at the University of Calgary with a focus on choreography and performance where
she choreographed Indomitable Spirit (2016) and Essence of Humanity (2015). Christahh has had the privilege of
working with a number of artists including music videos and concerts with Yung Dre, opening for Juice Wrld
(2019) Big Sean and Fetty Wap (2017), Hayden McHugh, Sabrina Naz at the Obsidian Awards (2016), Deanne Walsh in
Ciclo De La Vida (2016), as well as dancing in Suite of Dreams (2014) originally choreographed by Hannah
Stillwell. In the summer of 2015, she was an intern with OYO (Ombetja Yehinga Organisation) dance troupe in
Windhoek, Namibia where she contributed in the creation of Ania. She has completed two years of the professional
training program at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks and dances with a local hip-hop crew, The Tomorrows, under the
direction of Lenny Len. Christahh is also the Executive Director and Founder of Dance YYC Community Outreach and
Engagement Initiative ( , an online platform providing free organized promotion for the Calgary
dance community. Through this initiative she put on the Dance YYC Showcase, a fundraiser, developed the Dance
YYC Mobile app and participated on the panel for 'Discover: Life as a Dancer' at the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity.

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February 2020
Hip hop choreography and performance with professional crew, The Tomorrows.
Springbank Dance
November 2019 - current
Hip hop and instuctor and choreographer for recreation and competitive programs.
Alberta Dance Academy
September 2019 - current
Dance instructor and choreographer in contemporary, jazz and hip hop.
Decidedly Jazz Danceworks
September 2018 - current
Adult beginner hip hop and instuctor for youth training program including summer camps.
Shane Homes YMCA
April 2018 - March 2020
Dance teacher for introduction to dance including: jazz, hip hop and West African.
Din Da Da
Jazz duet choreographed and performed for the Decidedly Jazz professional training program show Footprints
Indomitable Spirit
Contemporary piece choreographed for student showcase Dance@Night, University of Calgary
Ania, The lost Spirit
Collaborative contemporary piece choreographed and performed on tour with OYO Dance Troupe, in Windhoek Namibia
Essence of Humanity
Contemporary piece choreographed for student showcase Dance@Noon, University of Calgary

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Unganisha (2020)
The Grand
Self-choreographed group piece part of Unganisha production
Connections in 7 (2019)
University of Calgary
Choreography by Morgan O'Neil Sharp for Dance Montage
MISSY (2019)
Fluid Fest
Choreography by Sean Butler as part of Fluid Fest cabaret
Footprints (2017)
Decidedly Jazz Danceworks
Choreography by Joanne Baker, Jamie Freeman-Cormack, Catherine Hayward
Footprints (2016)
Calgary Opera Centre
Choreography by Joanne Baker, Jamie Freeman-Cormack
Nameless (2016)
University of Calgary Theatre
Choreography by Morgan O'Neil Sharp as part of the Dance @ Night production
The Last Rite (2016)
University of Calgary Theatre
Choreography by Louis Laberge-Cote in collaboration with dancers, part of the Dance @ Night production.
Ciclo de la Vida (2016)
University of Calgary Theatre
Choreography by Deanne Walsh for as part of Mainstage
West Side Story (2015)
University of Calgary Theatre
Casted as "Shark Girl", choreography by Melissa Monteros and Wojciech Mochniej
Adventures of Steam and P(h)unk (2015)
University of Calgary Theatre
choreography by Michele Moss as part of Mainstage
Surge Co. (2014)
Pumphouse Theatre
Choreography by Wojciech Mochniej, Helen Husak, Tania Alvarado
Island in the Sun(2014)
University of Calgary Theatre
Choreography by Sabrina Naz, part of Dance Montage
Suite of Dreams(2014)
University of Calgary Theatre
Choreography by Hannah Stillwell and remounted by Deanne Walsh for Mainstage
Zoots (2013)
University of Calgary Theatre
Choreography by Michele Moss and remounted by Jamie Freeman-Cormack and Joanne Baker for Dane Montage
Urge and See (2013)
University of Calgary Theatre
Choreography by Naomi Brand for Dance Montage

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