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Welcome Dancers & Dance Enthusiasts!
My name is Christahh Ahh (yes, legally)

I'm a dancer, graphic designer, and the founder of Dance YYC. I have a Bachelor of Arts
degree from the University of Calgary with a concentration in choreography & performance and a
minor in Communications. I am also a DJD Professional Training Program alumni and a member of The Tomorrows hip hop crew. So I wouldn’t describe myself as a “(specific style) dancer”, more so a lover of movement and music.


The idea for Dance YYC came from a combination of conversations I have had with fellow dancers, and my need for visual organization. These conversations I had had a common theme of not knowing what there is for pre-professional/professional training outside of an institution setting OR seeing something of interest on Facebook but it already happened. As helpful as Facebook can be, there is already TONS of information, videos, ads & events thrown at us every day. That’s not even including other life aspects we deal with everyday. (hence my overwhelming need for organization) I figured if I could benefit from this, others can too!

Meet Morgan!
Morgan O’Neill-Sharp completed a Bachelor of Arts in Dance with a concentration in choreography and performance at the University of Calgary in 2016. She continued her dance training with two years in the Decidedly Jazz professional training program. Her early training consisted of competitive Irish Dance giving Morgan the strong rhythmic foundation that she continues to build on through her dance training. As Morgan continues to her professional career in dance, she plans on exploring rhythm-based dancing with a focus on musicality and percussive movement. As apart of the Calgary dance community, Morgan is interested in creating new ways of connecting dancers, locals and visiting artists alike.